Art in Bayview


Beginning in 2014, we created and plotted a mapping of public and private art sites in Bayview.  Although these identified locations represent a small sampling of art and creative activities in Bayview, primarily from the late 1970's to present, we also recognize that a rich and varied artistic tradition has been present in Bayview-Hunters Point since the early part of the 20th Century.  We request that you assist us in this historic search for other locations and for information on the people involved - past and present.

Utilizing the Carto.db toolbox, the project was initiated by BHPflex with assistance from Marianna Blondet, a Fulbright scholar from Peru who took time from  completing her Masters in Urban Planning at UC Berkeley to work with us in Bayview.  Thank you, Marianna.

The project evolves, and is intended to map the artists, public sculpture and murals, studios, galleries and other art sites in the Bayview District of San Francisco.  Please visit artBAYVIEW  and send your suggestions for additional locations or edits.  

This project is privately supported  and operates without public funds or grants.