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the T-LINE newsletter is a project of BHPflex

We are a Bayview-based, non-governmental, privately supported, non-public funded, community-serving and independent organization.  

BHPflex_projects  was established in 1987.

We have lived and worked in Bayview since 1980.  Selected projects are included here.








Beginning in 2014, we created and plotted a mapping of public and private art sites in Bayview.  Although these identified locations represent a small sampling of art and creative activities in Bayview, primarily from the late 1970's to present, we also recognize that a rich and varied artistic tradition has been present in Bayview-Hunters Point since the early part of the 20th Century.  We request that you assist us in this historic search for other locations and for information on the people involved - past and present.

Utilizing the Carto.db toolbox, the project was initiated by BHPflex with assistance from Marianna Blondet, a Fulbright scholar from Peru who took time from  completing her Masters in Urban Planning at UC Berkeley to work with us in Bayview.  Thank you, Marianna.

The project evolves, and is intended to map the artists, public sculpture and murals, studios, galleries and other art sites in the Bayview District of San Francisco.  Please visit artBAYVIEW  and send your suggestions for additional locations or edits.  

This project is privately supported  and operates without public funds or grants.    Please donate to keep this work going.


Bayview Business Alliance

Under the Bayview Business Alliance Project, we've established a data-base of over 1500 businesses  in BAYVIEW and work with local leaders, business owners, merchant associations and City agencies in order to 'connect the dots' for economic development in the community.  The BBA project is not a membership club, yet serves  as a useful internal resource of information for asset-mapping, planning and outreach coordination purposes. We encourage the many, local merchants associations to work together in order to realize a successful and positive business future in Bayview.


Office for Community Planning

The Bayview Office for Community Planning is a non-governmental, community-based and independent, not-for-profit professional services effort.

In addition to our 'pro-bono deliverables',  we review land-use and project development potential, along with the related economic development impact to the Bayview community in San Francisco.  We assist with project planning needs by engaging AEC professionals and related consultants for the design and evaluation of your project.  

Our recommendations are forwarded to  the San Francisco Planning Commission, the BayviewCAC,  OCII, etc. 

Our work includes coordination and exchange  with  the District 10 Supervisor’s Office; the San Francisco Planning Department; Board of Permit Appeals; Third Street Planning Group and with numerous other community-based advocacy organizations and the various D10 merchant groups.




established in 2005, the Bayview Historical Society


Bayview Pop-up Market

The  MARKET on THIRD site was provided to kick-off the 'Bayview Kitchen Table Talks' which in turn seeded the Bayview Community Market, Bayview Underground Food Scene and Bayview POP-UP Marketplace.

PopUp Kiosk space was provided via the MARKET on THIRD storefront. Site sponsorship for the initial phase of the Bayview POP-UP Marketplace

helped to launch a number of small business efforts in Bayview.  

The Bayview Pop-Up Market subsequently moved to various other locations:  Bayview Opera House, Pier 70 and beyond.  

Several early participants now operate as full time businesses in their own storefronts on the Third Street Corridor.

BUY LOCAL....      It's your business !


Mendell Plaza Presents

In 2012, we established POP (Planning our Plaza) as a series of convening sessions t0 shift the emphasis for City involvement in the Bayview Town Center, and to establish the need for public and private collaborations.  

The result, Mendell Plaza Presents, was launched as a 20-week music series at a challenging urban intersection on Third Street between Oakdale and Palou Avenues, SF.   We organized and managed the initial concert series and  stage, with a final event including a State Senator, the Mayor of San Francisco, the Chief of Police and other notable leaders 0n stage and in celebration.  Initial funding for the series was generously provided by the Bayview Merchants Association and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development.  Other key participants included the 4800 3rd St. HOA and dedicated neighbors.  BHP flex  provided leadership, coordination and management of the series as a pro-bono, community project.

The Mendell Plaza Presents series generated a series of local and public events including Third on Third, Pop-up Market, Community Tuesdays, Music Thursdays and other collaborative efforts. 

Projects ++



Visit our site for work 2012-2018. 

The MARKET is now on-line!



We continue to sponsor Sunday Street music events.

This is our 7th year in Bayview.


Resilient Bayview

Since early, 2013, we've joined efforts with the Neighborhood Empowerment Network as the Bayview Small Business Partner for Resilient Bayview.

Today, as participating collaborators with the 100 Resilient Cites Project, we are honored to work with local leaders G.L Hodge of Providence Church Foundation and Felisia Thibodeaux of Bayview Senior Services to activate the Town Center Resiliency Hub.

A local community forum held during our formative months included representatives from over 15 countries, all focused on a 'Resilientville exercise. These efforts are structured to serve the Bayview community in times of disaster or stress, but may also establish a consistent model for daily resilience.  The Office for Community Planning is working on projects

involving 'Economic Resilience' and Business Support.

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